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Doconut is a versatile online document viewer control for websites, which allows you to easily integrate document viewing functionality in your web applications, SharePoint portal or mobile devices without writing a single line of code. Very easy to integrate, as simple as a button control! Provide your users rich viewing experience, works from all modern browsers like IE (Internet explorer), Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera.

With Ajax, HTML5 and jQuery you can now view documents faster and better. No need to have a dedicated server or a virtual printer, our control works on shared hosting too.

Our annotation add-on supports adding custom annotation (shapes, text notes etc) over the document pages using javascript. This feature is quite useful for applications that need quality check, workflow or document approval systems. You can also print documents right from the browser with our printer add-on using Silverlight, Asp.Net (DOM) or using your browser's inbuilt PDF viewer.

You can also search all of your document formats for any keywords! with our search add-on!


April 15 2018 / ver

  • 1Improved support for AutoCAD format
  • 2Html plugin now supports Windows 2016 server
  • 3Viewing enhancements for all document types

December 06 2017 / ver

  • 1Added "OnPageClicked" event for viewer
  • 2New DocumentConfig options for PDF & Email formats
  • 3New GetDocumentFormat method to know file formats
  • 4Support for AutoCAD 2018 file format
  • 5Removed "Submit Query" text visible on page image
  • 6Viewing enhancements for all document types

August 24 2017 / ver

  • 1Support for MVC Razor (refer new MVC project)
  • 2New DCN (search) server project provided with samples
  • 3Fixed Annotation border size to match drawing
  • 4Viewing enhancements for all document types

March 01 2017 / ver

  • 1Improvements in CAD format viewing, added DXF support
  • 2Added custom configurations support, DocumentConfig.dll
  • 3Threading added to DiskImageHandler viewer
  • 4Fixed bugs in text annotation
  • 5Viewing enhancements for all document types

October 01 2016 / ver

  • 1Improvements in CAD format viewing
  • 2New LargeDoc property to view large documents quickly
  • 3Viewing enhancements for all document types

March 01 2016 / ver

  • 1Added support for MHT document type
  • 2Improvements in Tiff format viewing
  • 3SafeLoad option now used in Excel to PDF export
  • 4SafeLoad as false now loads all worksheet pages
  • 5New ExportToPdf overload for exporting large documents
  • 6Freehand annotation bugs fixed
  • 7Viewing enhancements for all document types

September 10 2015 / ver

  • 1Fixed Annotation plug-in load issue
  • 2Fixed Annotation Ajax saving issue
  • 3Viewing enhancements for all document types

March 31 2015 / ver

  • 1Support for client side JavaScript events, see Events.aspx
  • 2Stamp annotation control improved
  • 3Mobile support added for creating annotations
  • 4ShowAnnotations function now accepts page number
  • 5New property MaxZoom
  • 6New javascript function VisiblePages()
  • 7Bug fixed when annotating multiple documents
  • 8Viewing enhancements for all document types

October 15 2014 / ver

  • 1Annotation can be created, drawing from any direction
  • 2Arrow annotation rendering improved
  • 3Annotation sample page enhanced with navigation
  • 4Thumbnails now show annotations
  • 5Support for CSV added
  • 6New WatermarkInfo and AutoClose property added
  • 7New Folder.aspx and FlipPage.aspx sample pages added
  • 8jQuery and jQuery UI updated to version 1.11.1
  • 9Increase in viewing speed and better memory management

July 31 2014 / ver

  • 1New properties AutoLoadPages and CacheEnabled
  • 2Support for OpenOffice formats ODT, ODS and ODP
  • 3New function to hide specific pages of document
  • 4Asp.Net print now supports landscape or mixed mode
  • 5SVG and EPUB are no longer supported
  • 6Password sample page added
  • 7User Control sample page added
  • 8New help pdf file for DocImage.axd handler
  • 9Minor viewing enhancements for all document types

May 15 2014 / ver

  • 1New properties added for tooltip and zoom functions
  • 2New Mobile, Update Panel and iFrame samples added
  • 3Bug in HTML and MPP fixed
  • 4Support for EPUB & SVG formats discontinued
  • 5Viewing enhancements for all document types

February 20 2014 / ver

  • 1New function for exporting documents to PDF
  • 2New Office Ribbon.aspx sample page added with real-time viewer resizing
  • 3Bug in Word and Dicom fixed
  • 4New Support for EPUB & SVG formats
  • 5Viewing enhancements for all document types

December 25 2013 / ver

  • 1Added support for DICOM & HTML (optional add-on)
  • 2Smooth text annotations and new image annotation type
  • 3Note annotation now support non ASCII characters
  • 4New property IncludeJQueryUI to have your own reference
  • 5New property BasePath to use with MVC
  • 6New JavaScript property IsLoaded
  • 7Fix for Excel, PowerPoint and CAD formats

June 01 2013 / ver

  • 1Added search function (optional add-on)
  • 2Better support for XLS files

March 29 2013 / ver

  • 1New property added: FitType (use values ‘width’ or ‘height’)
  • 2You can also change FitType from javascript api
  • 3Support added for TXT files
  • 4Print Silverlight window now has icons instead of text
  • 5Fixed bug for MSG files

March 15 2013 / ver

  • 1You can now save documents to a common .DCN format

Feb 20 2013 /

  • 1Added print support which requires silverlight
  • 2Added annotation support. This is a paid add-on

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